All Week Long
APRIL 13-21, 2024

Begin your Adventure into Pathfinder 2E!

r/Pathfinder2E is excited to host Beginner Box Days! With the exciting remaster of Pathfinder 2e, there has never been a better time to start playing! This is an event where new and interested gamers can play Paizo's Beginner Box adventure for free with experienced Pathfinder Game Masters! On April 13-21st, 2024, players from all over can bring their 1st level characters to play Menace Under Otari!

Player Registration is now OPEN!

Game MAster Registration open until April 10 


Physical Beginner Box or PDF

Roll 20

Roll20 is proud to support r/Pathfinder2E's Beginner Box Days! Get 30% off during the event to start your adventures in Golarion. This title (normally $29.99) is only $20.99 through April 21st!


Paizo Vouchers!

Paizo Organized Play has given us a HUGE stack of $20 vouchers to hand out to random players and GMs! All reported players and GMs are eligible!

Demiplane Adventure and Bundles!

Demiplane is gifting 100 product keys of Menace Under Otari on Pathfinder Nexus for GMs! The remainder (if there is any) will be raffled to players after the event.

They are also gifting 15 bundle product keys! Five of each of the Rulebook, Lost Omens, and Standalone Adventure bundles, each valued at $300-$500. All reported players and GMs are eligible!

Roll20 Module for GMs!

Roll20 is gifting every GM a Beginner Box module! Roll20 doesn't require external hosting or charge for using it. No subscription required either! Perfect for the GM on a budget who still wants to provide a premium experience! To receive a copy simply fill out the form on the button below by April 10th, 2024 by 5:00pm PST.

Physical Box!

Rise of the Rulelords podcast and The Team+ are sponsoring 3 physical Beginner Boxes to be raffled off to participating GMs! All reported GMs are eligible!

Team+ Bundle

"Team+ is offering the following in the Beginner's Box Day raffle to support a growing Pathfinder2e community and a weekend very special to us. We will also be offering Foundry compatible versions for a few of our iconics for those that would like to use them for the day.

Thank you again for supporting beginner's box day and the Pathfinder2e community!"