GM Info

Introduce the next generation of Pathfinder players to the game!


Register Your Game!

You as GM are the most important factor in making Beginner Box Days a success! To help with this, we've been working with RPG Chronicles to make the game creation process easy.


Join the r/Pathfinder2e Discord

The r/Pathfinder2e Discord is where we will once again be hosting game spaces! Join the Beginner Box Day channel and connect with your players in the general chat! GMs will also have a private space to discuss with other GMs about setting up and running your game. We'll also create spaces for GMs to discuss their game with their players, and host voice and video for game day.


Create Your Game

GMs are responsible for creating a player space in their VTT of choice. Foundry VTT, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds Unity all have Beginner Box modules that you can purchase to run the game easily. Paizo also sells PDFs of the box, or you may already own it from one of their many Humble Bundles. Add your VTT info into your play space on the r/Pathfinder2e Discord and work with your players on importing their characters.


Run Your Game

The day of your event, GMs will be able to use the voice/chat feature on the r/Pathfinder2e Discord under Here Be Dragons. GMs just need to click this button, and a play space will be made for you. Players can then click your name and join the space too to play!


Report for Society Credit

If you as GM or any of your players want to earn credit towards a Pathfinder Society character, it's easy to do!  These reports will only apply to players who add Organized Play Information on their Sign Up sheet. 

GMs who want credit should toggle Generate GM Chronicle and add their Player and Org Play Info to the GM Chronicle Info section that appears.

To report your credit, after your game, return to your RPGChronicles session page: