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Play the world's preeminent roleplaying game, Pathfinder 2nd Edition!


Join the r/Pathfinder2e Discord

We will be hosting game voice and text on the r/Pathfinder2e Discord! Join the channel and add yourself to the Beginner Box Channel to find your game masters and chat about character creation!


Join a Game!

How to join a game:



Create a Character

The Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box offers 2 ways to play: use a pregenerated character or create one of your own!

Pregens: Paizo offers 4 pregenerated characters inside the Beginner Box: Merisiel the Rogue, Valeros the Fighter, Kyra the Cleric, and Ezren the Wizard. However, there are many more pregenerated class characters perfect for players who want to try the game without getting too far into the rules. Any level 1 Pregen will work for the Beginner Box!

Create a Character: Character creation is often regarded as one of the best aspect of Pathfinder! Work with your GM to determine how comfortable they are with different character options.



Your GM will give you the info necessary to create your character on their platform of choice. Be ready with a character on game day!


Keep the Adventure Going!

Unlike last year, society recording is not required this year. However, you can still earn credit for Pathfinder Society play! Players who play through “Menace Under Otari”, as well as those who run the adventure, gain the Chronicle Sheet for each completed floor of the dungeon, which they can apply to a first level Pathfinder Society (second edition) Organized Play character. Players must decide which character to apply credit to when they receive the Chronicle Sheet and the GM signs it. 

Each Chronicle Sheet gives 4 experience points, 14 gp, and 4 Reputation that can be assigned to any faction. Chronicle sheets will be emailed to you as long as you include it on your player sign up.

Your GM can report your Society play on RPG Chronicles. Use this credit to apply to your next Pathfinder Society character!